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Some details about my life


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I’m a spaniard art director & designer

passionate of the small details, logos and typography.


My name is Alberto Prieto, I was born in Madrid and as a child I felt attracted to all types of drawings, as well as everything that could be a graphic representation. I soon was very meticulous and I could detect details that were unnoticed by other children.

I decided to study Advertising and PR after realizing that algebra and computer science were not my area. Sometimes you need to crash in order to see more clearly your path.

Regarding advertising communication, I like finding insights, that way of reaching customers in a new and different method, awaking their interest, as well as differentiating and positioning the brand against others from the same sector. After having seen the advertising world from the marketing and accounts side, I decided to specialize myself in the Arts direction, in order to have a full understanding and knowledge of its functioning and getting to know more in depth about the other side, the creative one.

Some of my skills

Creative Conceptualization0%
Graphic Design0%
Photoshop Retouching & Integration0%
Lettering & Typography0%
Web Development (WordPress)0%

Professional experience

The only thing I will say is that if you want to see my job within the different companies and agencies, you only have to watch my career path. This way, you can have an insight to myself and my way of working. And subsequently, if you are interested and with intrigue, we can set up a meeting and I will explain more in depth everything you want to know more of.